The Naked Truth Muses

Celebrate the perfection in you

The Naked Truth project is about celebrating the everyday beauties of our bodies from everyday, normal, typical perfection. The word perfection is probably the keyword here. It is so subjective, and severely scrutinize. Life is hard, life is busy, and life is beautiful.

Many of the volunteers are just everyone women, mothers, wives, grand mothers. I don’t need models. I just need people who want to help me explore and celebrate us as human beings, celebrate the story of line through the intimacy of our skin and our naked bodies.

Some important Notes about the project:

  • There is requirement for previous model experience.
  • There is no prejudice against age, size, colour.
  • Please note this is not a boudoir/glamour photoshoot, where the posing and styling are much more different.
  • I do not edit out anything on the bodies. Remember, I want to celebrate the real and natural beauty.
  • We can easily hide your face. I understand the need to protect your career, reputation etc.
  • I will not use your real name or post your contact details, unless you approve.
  • I will always work within your comfort zone. A chat, especially a face to face, or skype, is always welcome before hand.
  • You will need to sign a model release form for every photoshoot
  • As a volunteer, you will be given a set of images at 1000 pixels in length with copyright logo, as my way of saying thank you. Some volunteers do choose to get beautiful fine art prints, which you are more when enquire.

Volunteer for the Naked Truth Project