Welcome to the Naked Truth - Celebrating the human body

Because we are all beautiful!!!

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. It is so exciting to have the space to share my fine art nudes, and mass nudes photography. Explore and enjoy. Please don’t forget that I am looking out for volunteers to help me create more beautiful fine art nudes images. I hope to see you soon, especially at one of my future mass nudes photo shoots. 

It was such an empowering experience for me

"It was my first time meeting him which is always a nerve racking experience, however as soon as I got to his studio I felt so comfortable. The studio itself was warm, tidy and had excellent privacy. Throughout the photo shoot Binh was really helpful in guiding me and encouraging me to be myself and pose in ways that really exaggerated the beauty of my natural body. We managed to get some really gorgeous images which I will always cherish because of how confident I felt in my body at the time."
Model "M"

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Master of NZIPP (previously)

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This project is not about finding models. It is about finding people who connect with the idea that everyone is beautiful, and celebrate the human body, without prejudice against skin, colour, age, size, etc. I hope you can see the diversity of the men and women whom have freely expressed themselves for the project. Most of the subjects are first time models, who do come with the usual “Am I beautiful?”. They are, and they always will be. 


If you need to protect your identity, it is simple enough to hide your face using poses, props and lighting. 

First time shooting with Binh after years of following his work on social media. Like alot of people I had the jitters before being photographed but it did not take long at all to warm up to the camera under Binh's easy direction and patience. A very uplifting and exciting experience! Binh noticeably took special care to make sure I was comfortable and happy the whole time. He has great insight and knows exactly what hes doing and caters to models input and emotions. Would jump at the opportunity to collaborate with him again in a heartbeat! The first image received was jaw dropping! I cannot thank him enough.
Model "C"